Mrs. Hippie

Lotus (Metal Blade) Enslain Magazine Issue #8
Not quite sure where the name came from.......but the music ranks up to be just as strange as the name. The album kind of has that low quality bar-band feel to it. You know, that kind of music that seems so cool after say............12 beers. The album comes across as not very well produced, relatively boring and uninspired, and just plain irritating. (Perhaps Joacim Cans should just stick with Hammerfall... at least they have people convinced that that's listenable ~ed) I kept moving on through the whole album hoping that it would redeem itself somewhere, but I'll save you the time and money: it doesn't. One of the most annoying qualities is the fact that most of the time you can't even hear the guitar, it is so bass biased. It would be in your best interest to listen to this one before you buy it, but I can't imagine anyone who is not trashed completely liking this. -- Chris