Hammer of God
Triumph of Mercy

Hammer of God (Metal Blade)
Enslain Magazine Issue #6
Order Issue #6!  This review included. This, Mortification's ninth album, really came as a shock to me. The galloping riffs and backing keyboards on the opening track "Metal Crusade" really threw me off, as it goes in a completely different direction as they seemed headed. I, personally, like where this is headed, towards their more rhythmic roots, though it has a little too much of an 80's reminiscent sound on some of the songs. The general feel of "Hammer of God" is guitar-heavy melodic thrash, with less bassy groves than on previous releases, and a more full, aggressive sound. I feel it necessary to mention the twelfth track, which cracks me up every time I hear it, which is simply fast punk-like bar chords with Rowe repeatedly growling "God Rulz." Another humorous track is "D.W.A.M. (Daniel Was a Mosher)" about the biblical figure Daniel moshing in the lion's den. I believe that Mortification fans and classic metal fans will be pleased by this new album. -- Lady Enslain

Triumph of Mercy (Metal Blade)
Enslain Magazine Issue #5
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For the most part, Mortification has a certain sound that they keep with each release they put out (especially the newer ones). Triumph of Mercy definitely retains this sound that is so uniquely their own. The sound I speak of is a very simple sounding (not overdone, not too many different sounds going on at once) yet tight sound. The drums have a very produced quality to them, as opposed to a raw aggressive sound, and the guitars have riffs that include much more than the common bar chords, and are very catchy when intermingled with the twangy bass. Steve Rowe's vocals are quite understandable, and range from growling, to throaty yelling. His lyrics on this album, especially on the title track "Triumph of Mercy" deal a lot with the tragedy he had recently faced, leukemia, and about how God helped him live through it and overcome it. I enjoy this album, and I recommend you give it a listen. -- Lady Enslain