The Butterfly Effect (Century Media)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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When I heard "Sin/Pecado" for the first time, my first experience with Moonspell, I was amazed. Sure, the "Type O" comparison was strong, however it was heavier, and yet just as gloomy. "The Butterfly Effect" washes away all thoughts of Type O, and makes "Sin..." seem almost worthless. It even comes close to matching the glory from their "Wolfheart" or "Irreligious" days. They've definitely done something right. The keyboard/guitar mixture seems more dynamic and better spliced, similar to Samael in a way. It's still very movable, as was "Sin", but there is more growling and anger, as there used to be. "Soulsick" and "The Butterfly fx" are very memorable and original songs that bring together fast, upbeat drumming and heavy riffs with highly appropriate keyboard passages and repeated effects. They seem to have come up with a good mixture, and established an original sound that they can be proud of. -- Lady Enslain