Millennium Metal (Pavement)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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First impression: WOW. I am impressed. Quite a bit heavier than I was expecting. The intro is a beauty of a lead into the first track. Musically very brilliant, and besides, how can you beat a cover of "Smoke on the Water?" The more I listen, the more I am picking up on the little things. There is definitely a little American influence in the guitar playing, like from the great past Ozzy guitarists. Tons of double bass to go around; it must be something with the Euro bands and the double bass. Some really truly good guitar playing helps things out a lot. A good solid vocal track makes listening a little more enjoyable, in the spirit of Iced Earth. Upon listening a little further into the album you are greeted with some much heavier and faster tracks like "Void of Fire." Dare I say the album gets better as it goes along? Metalium, over all, are pretty tight and very well balanced. Definitely makes the album worth adding to the collection. I would recommend it just for the cover song, but the rest of it is great as well. -- Chris L.