Messer Chups

Crazy Price
(Ipecac Recordings)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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Where to start with this one! "Crazy Price" is 16 tracks of bizarre surf rock and rockabilly swing, with samples from what must be B-movies from the 1960s. It's characterized mostly by twangy guitars (similar to The Ventures), quirky synth sounds that sound like they came from the old portable Casios, upright bass, a horn section, harps, and the theremin (the instrument with the eerie sound with lots of vibrato, like in the Beach Boys song "Good Vibrations".)

Messer Chups is a duo from Russia, and/or Germany, according to the Ipecac Records Website. It appears that this is their first US release. The record plays like a soundtrack on acid, to some spy/horror film. It seems to be at its best when it is inviting with its infectious drum grooves. It makes one want to get up and walk around Frankenstien's monster, with a severe case of brain-freeze. There are often sections where the songs break down into a mild chaos, with no strong vibes, but they pick back up again quickly.

"Crazy Price" is experimental, without going into noise. The feel of the record never goes over the top. As wild as they sound at first, the songs have the right mix of rhythmic hooks, trippy melodic ideas, and a spaced-out feel. This would appeal to people who are into music that is a bit "different". --