Mercyful Fate

9 (Metal Blade)
Enslain Magazine Issue #6
Order Issue #6!  This review included. The King returns with his latest work and his fans will be wholeheartedly pleased. Mercyful Fate has always been able to churn out top quality metal for many years and this album is yet another example of how it is done right. The musicianship on here is flawless and the songs are much catchier than they have been on some of Fate's later releases. Tracks such as "House on the Hill", "Burn in Hell", and "Insane" are top notch tunes that will be burned into the listeners heads. Mike Wead and Hank Sherman belt out great solos while Sharlee D'Angelo's work shows how he truly is one of metal's best bass players around today. Bjarne Holm is using much more double bass on this album than ever before and it truly makes the songs all the better and memorable. King Diamond sounds just as awesome as ever. "9" is a perfect example of heavy metal being presented as a fine art. Absolutely essential album. -- Morbid Mario