Panzer Division Marduk (Osmose)
Enslain Magazine Issue #6
Order Issue #6!  This review included. The best black metal album of 1999 has finally been unleashed. This is absolute perfection black metal that many corpsepaint wearing amateurs should strive for. The entire album is a relentless holocaust of pure, sick black metal desecration. Legion's voice is in perfect form. I am convinced that Fredrik Andersson is not truly a human being, but a Hades-born creature with arms and legs run by nuclear fusion engines. What keeps the music from becoming mindless nonsense are the amazing riffs and rhythms the band come up with. They are heavy, lethal, and mostly importantly, memorable. One highlight of the album is this insane lead that Morgan rips at the beginning of "Beast of Prey" which is reminiscent of something belted out by Trey Azagthoth or Moyses Kolesne of Krisiun. I truly hope to see more of this in future releases. Again, the album is absolute black metal perfection. Pass it up and you will be damned to never be "true". -- Morbid Mario