Witness Disposal Program
(Deepsend Records)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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This is bad as fuck!! Well , to put a bit more eloquently, the Dutch band Mangled have crafted a relentless and intense disc of brutal and chaotic death metal. It's somewhat in the vein of Cannibal Corpse, but Mangled's compositions are certainly more dense, and rhythmically hectic. The guitars have decent bottom-end to carry the dark mood of these songs, with just a touch of high end to give it that crunch that makes it sound clear. The drums have just enough presence, with out drowning everything else out in the mix. Even the bass guitar, which is almost always drowned out in this genere, can be heard if one listens close enough. It's viceral tone may not be prominet, but it holds everything in place.

Vocally, things are a bit different than I had anticipated. Where one would expect deep, toilet flush vocals, on this record they are a bit lighter, but still as aggressive. The vocal patterns are also different than the usual stacatto growls. They are more akin to a hard-core style at times. The lyrics are, as could be imagined, very twisted tales of death and gore, but they are easy on the adjectives, so the reader gets more of the general idea instead of just gore with no purpose behind it.

"Witness Disposal Program" (great pun , i love it!), is 12 cuts of sheer brutality. The track "Into Agony" starts with some atmospheric guitar parts on volume swell, harmonized in minor thirds, giving the perfect ominous intro before launching into double bass blasts and choppy guitar rythyms. "15 Minutes" contains short samples from what I beleive to be either Evil Dead 2 or Army of Darkness. All things said, this CD is worth the attention of avid death metal fans. --