Malevolent Creation

The Fine Art of Murder (Pavement)
Enslain Magazine Issue #5
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Phil and the Florida murdering crew return with an album that is absolutely lethal. Many of you will be thrilled to know that original vocalist Bret Hoffman is back in the band providing the apocalyptic voice on this masterpiece. In addition, Dave Culross (Suffocation-R.I.P.) is here pounding on his kit with supreme skill and technicality, only adding his strokes when performing the fine art of murder.
One thing Malevolent Creation has always been able to do is come up with riffs that simply tear your head off, and "The Fine Art of Murder" is chock full of them. The beginning track "To Die is at Hand" opens the album in a fine full speed ahead assault of brutalizing torment. "Manic Demise" continues the killing with a riff that you will be humming for hours and hours after hearing it while picturing yourself running through a mall with ax in hand chopping limbs off people left and right.
A few more dandies ditties continue then comes the track "Mass Graves." "Mass Graves" is the kind of song that Phil tells me is gonna floor me because he knows that those "killer bee" riffs are the kind that make me want to go out and murder people. I can already hear him saying, "Dude, this shit is the sickest..." when I hear a track like "Mass Graves." Other highlights include the title track, "Bone Exposed," and the amazing "Day of Lamentation." I definitely see people going apeshit to that last one when hearing it live.
In conclusion, this album is absolutely essential in every metalheads collection. A needed breath of fresh air in a scene oversaturated with penisy gore grind bands. When you see this album on the shelf pick it up, throw it on, and let the murdering begin! -- Morbid Mario