Carne De Cementerio (Razorback Records) Enslain Magazine Issue #8
Here we have this Spanish bands latest release on Razorback Records which isn't too terrible. I would say this is a Gore Grind love triangle which has Regurgitate cheating on Agothocles with Repulsion. I understand they've been around since 1994 which makes them the junior to the aforementioned bands. It's nice to hear this isn't a total blastfest since that tends to get boring very fast. Track 8 is cool with some distorted bass by itself which gets them bonus points in my book! Upsettingly, this release lacks an abundance of slide riffs which really makes grindcore a favorite genre of mine. This band could step up to the plate against bands like Phobia, Blood Duster or Swampgas at Grindcore field, but they would definitely strike out before a full count was reached. This isn't bad, but there is nothing amazing to report here. Much props to Razorback Records for the reissue of Catasexual Urge Motivation's "Encyclopedia of Serial Murders". That one is sick as fuck and recommended high above Machetazo. -- Garett