Unabomber (Decomposed)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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Finally! Too many years after the release of “Sinister Slaughter” we get a taste of new Macabre material. However, kiddies, do not get too excited; some of you may be a bit disappointed. When you think of Macabre, you think of manic guitar riffs, million mile an hour drumming, and those sick and twisted mixed high and low pitched vocals, correct? Well, they aren't here! Am I happy about this? Not at all! Now I refuse to go out and say that the new material all and out sucks, but it is not the trademark Macabre that we have enjoyed for over a decade now. The new material, which is only three songs by the way, is a much slower type of metal that is heavily and I mean heavily influenced by old Black Sabbath. Are having Black Sabbath influences bad? To think so is sacrosanct in the world of metal, but it seems as if Macabre want to stay with these influences more and more, and less with the break neck speed their fans know and love them for. Maybe I am just talking out of my ass, and Dennis the Menace is too old to play fast anymore? Hell, I hope not. The new songs entitled “The Unabomber,” “Ambassador Hotel” (nice place to stay at if you go to Milwaukee Metalfest, by the way), and “The Brain” are all slower and more toned down than the usual Macabre tracks. The remaining four tracks are all old material from “Gloom” and “Grim Reality.” Come on Macabre, branching out is cool, but please don't leave us craving the speed and chaos that we are used to! After Macabre finish their upcoming albums entitled “Murder Metal” and “Dahmer,” I would tend to expect yet another concept album based on the Columbine High School shooting massacre. I just hope the songs are fast on that one. -- Morbid Mario