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Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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Lyzanxia is the French representative of the Gothenburg scene. On many songs the riffs and arrangements remind me of Gardenian, though strangely enough at other times I'm reminded of middle-career Megadeth. No doubt this association is compounded because of a slight resemblance to Mustaine's voice from one of the vocalists. The vocals have a wide range on this release, thanks to the dual contribution of guitarists Franck and David Potvin, who collectively cover death growls and screeches, power/prog mid-tone, and clean harmonizing. The music is just as wide-ranging, as the always melodic riffing sometimes leans more towards the chugging thrashy side, and at other times the more technical and progressive side. This makes it difficult to get a concept of who Lyzanxia is, but the variation helps keep the album from being dull or repetitive. Some songs are more memorable than others, like the energetic "Time Dealer" which has a very cool timing effect where one riff is alternately varied in tempo to produce a very mechanical sort of effect. The best and most unique songs are placed at the beginning of this disc, and the creativity does slow down by the end.

The dual-guitarwork on "Mindcrimes" is as tight as a machine, and the drumming, which was handled by Dirk Verbeuren (Scarve, and newest recruit to the Soilwork camp), is solid and creative. The material is a few years old - it took a while after being mixed/mastered at Studio Fredman and the Mastering Room in 2002 before this got it's proper worldwide release. Hopefully that just means it'll be less time until they satiate us with a follow-up to this impressive melodic metal release. --
Lady Enslain