Lust of Decay

Kingdom of Corpses
(Comatose Music)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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Solid! This is brutal death in the Suffocation vein. Lust of Decay makes proficient use of tension and repose in their arrangement and riff structures. The vibe never lets up for a minute, and keeps the listener strapped into a ride with a multitude of twists and loops. The sound doesn't have much ambiance in terms of production, but in this case, it keeps from the sound from getting muddy. All the instruments are fairly balanced, so the musical ideas are well conveyed. The element that stands out the most is the precision drumming of Jordan Varela. H e uses a lot of fills, which are rather technical, and incorporates some sounds I would think are inspired by Neil Peart, even in their cover of Decide's "Lunatic of God's Creation"

Most of the songs include short samples used as intros. In one such instance (with a great sense of humor), a few seconds of a popular seafood restaurant jingle precedes a song called "Crustacean Masturbation"!

"Kingdom of Corpses" is one the most intense albums I've heard in a while. If brutal death is your thing, this is a must own! This is their 2nd full-length release, and the first with this line-up, following a long history of name and line-up changes. It certainly sounds like everything has fallen into place for Lust of Decay, and I can only imagine that their subsequent releases will get even more brutal. --