Lunatic Gods

Sitting By the Fire (Metal Age)
Enslain Magazine Issue #6
Order Issue #6!  This review included. Exotic and unpredictable. These words fail miserably to fully describe Lunatic Gods. First off, they employ synth sounds not heard on "metal" releases, sounds that are far removed from the doom-laden, European "classical" sort. The music utilizes blast-beats, and double bass passages, yet not overused; used in conjunction with mid-range passages. The compositions travel into uniquely ethereal and bizarre moods. Vocals are half mid-to-low voiced, slightly raspy, to melodic, mid-to-upper range. The vocal and synth melodies seem to fall within Eastern/Mediterranean phrasing (unusual indeed, for a band from the former Czechoslovakia area.) Over all, this is well thought out material that is highly original. It should most likely take more than one listen to digest this lunacy, but of course, 'tis quite worth it. -- Richard