Limbonic Art

In Abhorrance Dementia (Nocturnal Art Productions)
Enslain Magazine Issue #5
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With their new album, Limbonic Art creates a supreme slab of symphonic black metal that tops even their last album. This album is full of everything you know and love about Limbonic Art, huge keyboard passages, long songs, and an air of maliciousness. Changed however is that Limbonic has raised the guitars in the mix! Yes, you can actually hear them now, unlike the buried guitars found in Moon in the Scorpio. As you listen to the album, it is hard to tell that they use a drum machine at all since it really smooth. There are a couple problems with the album though... I find that since the songs are so full of music (for lack of better description, if you know Lim Art then you know what I mean) that it is hard to listen to the whole album in one sitting. Another trait that is either good or bad is that in some of the songs, the formula of Limbonic Art stands out intensely and you know exactly how it is going to go. Thankfully some songs like "When Mind" and "Flesh Depart" change things up so it never gets boring. All in all, this is an excellent sophomore album from Limbonic Art, and if you are a fan of them or symphonic hatred get it. -- Adam S.