Lamb of God

Killadelphia (DVD)
(Epic Records)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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There are definitely times when being on a major label is a benefit. Releasing a DVD one year, and then a better one the next is a good example. "Killadelphia" is not a cheapie production either. Epic puts the big bucks to work on this DVD, throughout the live scenes, the behind-the-scenes, the menus, and just the overall organization of the footage. This isn't just thrown together without a second thought; the concert scenes are interjected with storylines between each song, and It's cool that you can select to watch just the live show, or just the behind the scenes.

The ultimate pit-metal band tears up Philadelphia with their paced-aggression and sharp, shredding guitarwork. Their signature sound is carried over into the decent soundboard recording from my favorite place ever - The Trocadero! It has the feeling of a live setting, not an overproduced show that sounds like it's right from the CD. The footage is sometimes a bit dark, or the lighting is too shiny on the behind-the-scenes, but it's definitely adequate. Most of the material is from "Ashes of the Wake," along with the expected classics.

The backstage footage is the best part, documenting the everyday pressures of touring life. Conflicts, crises, tons of drama; although a little overly melodramatic in some situations, it successfully takes the glamour out of being on tour (not including the $180 bottles of wine and the sky-diving.) The behind-the-scenes often comes across as being the Randy Blythe Show, with his beer-enhanced carefree attitude that often puts a strain on fellow bandmates and crew. It acts as a documentary, portraying them as real people and real musicians, despite the way it makes them look. This is a DVD that's worth inviting your friends over to watch; it's such an introspective into the life of a hard-working touring band, that even those who aren't fans of LoG (who probably will be after watching) will enjoy. --
Lady Enslain