Kult ov Azazel

The World, The Flesh & The Devil
(Crash Music / Arctic Music Group)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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Hailing from the unlikely home of Southern Florida, and managing to become among the blackest of the black, Kult ov Azazel is a force to be reckoned with. There are a variety of sounds within their particular brand of Black Metal. The first thing I noticed is that the double-bass does not quit! I've never heard this much constant double-bass in the context of this style. In addition, there are a few riffs that have an older sound to them, such as power chord riffs that move in the degrees of a minor scale, creating a solid metal feel that is familiar to most listeners.

The vocals are guttural, with just enough high end frequency, and the production is very good, but not too polished. "The World, The Flesh & The Devil" is a blistering display of speed mixed with raw intensity, spinning tales of blasphemy and Satanic conquest. Fun for the whole family! But seriously, Kult ov Azazel definitely have the vision, and translate it proficiently here. A must have. --