Endorama (Pavement)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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This could hardly be expected from these 80's European thrash gods. Endorama bares no resemblance to the material from their glory days. Instead, what we have here is illustrative of the musical shift that occurs when a band has lasted for nearly 15 years. The songs are rhythmically up-beat, and have a noticeably rock/pop characteristic of emphasis on a chorus, and the music structured around it. The aggression, though a bit toned down, is still present, but now it shares the stage with memorable arrangements, hooks, and vocals further integrated with the music. Mille Petrozza utilizes the "spoken singing" low dynamic along with the trademark raspy voice; this also has toned down to the level of the music. This record has interesting material that explores different musical realms, and serves as a promising indication of what is yet to come. -- Rich