Weed Out the Weak (Metal Blade)
Enslain Magazine Issue #5
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Though this is Konkhra's third album, it is their first to get major attention in the states, thanks to their addition of their well-known American bandmates, Chris Kontos (former drummer of MachineHead) and James Murphy (former guitarist of Testament as well as almost every death metal band out there). Konkhra's sound is a mixture of so many influences, from MachineHead to Sepultura to Obituary, and anything in between. Most of the songs are relatively fast, the two guitars and bass seem to stick to the same direction, with the exception of Murphy's solos, and the drums provide a steady and creative backbone. Founder Anders Lundemark's vocals are a deep, throaty growl, but if you listen hard enough, you may understand a sentence or two that he sings. All together, Konkhra's sound isn't too original, and a lot of the songs sound continuous, but they've got a tight, heavy sound, and I wouldn't pass up on seeing them live. -- Lady Enslain