A Search For Reason (Revolution Records)
Enslain Magazine Issue #5
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This Rhode Island bunch have been seeing quite a bit of much earned success over the last year. Touring with the Ozzfest '98 and Slayer has helped spread their name quite a bit. They have a sound that is unmatched, as aggressive as hardcore, as technical as thrash, and vocals as powerful as they get. Though the mainstream audience seems to have caught hold of Kilgore, they certainly won't be a fly-by-night no-talent band. for years they have been struggling to make it big despite member changes and name changes (formerly Kilgore Smudge). And the music, though not the heaviest, is very catchy and talented. Best songs include "Never Again," "Steamroller," "Avowal," and the angry, spoken word "TK-421," featuring guest vocals by Burton of Fear Factory. "A Search For Reason" is a worthy follow-up to Kilgore Smudge's '95 release, "Blue Collar Solitude," and deserves a listen. -- Lady Enslain