Keep of Kalessin

Agnen - A Journey Through the Dark (Avantgarde Music)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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Another of the legions of Norwegian black metal bands is what we have here. Keep of Kalessin is another worthy Scandinavian black metal band to emerge and the scene will only get stronger if more bands like this make a name for themselves. "Agnen…A Journey Through the Dark" is an album of very well played black metal. It is not exactly the most original or revolutionary piece you will ever hear but it still makes for a good release. Plenty of speed and darkened chaos exhibited on this release. The experienced ear will hear a lot of early Emperor and early Marduk influences, particularly from the "Those of the Unlight" era. Black metallers that hunt down bands like Throne of Ahaz, Ragnarok, and Necromicon will want to add this to their collections of black metal weaponry. -- Morbid Mario