Diabolic: Soundtrack for My Nightmares
(Possession Productions)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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Self-described as "Satanic Black Ambient", one might expect black-as-fucking-hell guitars, blast-beats, and screeches of utter blasphemy and contempt for mankind, amidst noises from the abyss. Instead, Russia's Karna write an album without vocals, guitars or any other recognizable instrument, containing only those abysmal noises.

Ambient is the noticeable key word to describe this, although the Satanic aspect can be inferred from the liner notes and the Black represents the darkness and morbidity of the sounds. The mood can be simultaneously peaceful and terrifying, and without too much imagination you can develop a plot that this would be the soundtrack to. Images of moonlit cemetaries or desolate fields of rotting corpses are conjured up, and frightful scenes play themselves out from there. The final 19+ minute track is the most demonic and unholy of the three. The shrill, piercing sounds remind you of the tortured screams of Hell, and the chilling winds and blazing rumbling fire complete the mental imagery.

This album is arranged surprisingly well, and has a clean enough sound to make it listenable and a dark enough production to make it authentic. It doesn't feel repetitive or simple, as one might expect. There's nothing that makes this release metal, but fans of the most dark and satanic will find worth in this release. Beware the nightmares that will ensue! --
Lady Enslain