Karma To Burn

Wild Wonderful Purgatory (MIA Records)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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It's a little difficult to keep interest in this album if one requires vocal melodies to keep the mind from straying. If this isn't a concern, "Wild Wonderful Purgatory" has plenty of hooks in the music to make up for the lack of vocals. It's quite difficult to pinpoint a genre or classification for their unique, trippy rock metal instrumentals. If you aren't concerned with labeling, then good! There's plenty more to concentrate on here. As compared to their Roadrunner debut, besides the departure of their vocalist, minor sound changes have taken place. KTB seem to be experimenting more with different kinds of heavy music, and this time, all the songs stand out more so than on the last. I'll admit I was a fan of the vocals and their original sound, but with a little getting used to, I think this could prove to be just as good in its own way, geared towards a passive listening rather than a concentrated effort. -- Lady Enslain