Into the Sunless Meridian

Into the Sunless Meridian (Near Dark Productions)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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I'm not so sure about this CD... A solo project of Mikael Bayusik, who has also worked with Buried Beneath & Night Conquers Day, this release doesn't sound as one-minded as you'd expected for a solo release, and the drumming is not programmed. However, something just isn't sitting right. The sound is somewhat empty at times, and the sound effects are a bit off the wall. There is technical proficiency within this music, and some interesting ideas as well. But there are no hooks, a few cheesy vocal lines, and the recording quality leaves something to be desired. This CD has its moments, producing a few good classic metal songs and a musically decent cover of Mercyful Fate's "A Corpse Without Soul", but I think that Mikael's best bet, as he is a good musician, would be to continue working with other musicians and to drop this interesting yet unfulfilling project. -- Lady Enslain