At the Heart of Winter (Osmose)
Enslain Magazine Issue #6
Order Issue #6!  This review included. At last, the new Immortal! "At the Heart of Winter" is Immortal at their musical best. Their sound has definitely matured but please don't confuse maturity with fagging out. The musicianship here is amazing. The rhythms put together sound so well thought out and intricate that one can truly sink into a trance-like condition in many parts of this album. "Withstand the Fall of Time" opens this masterpiece with riffs so great and catchy that you will be humming them for hours after first listening. And the acoustic intro to the title track is something of pure dark beauty. I can hear more of a death metal influence on here in some rhythms, but definitely not in the vocals. Some parts are also reminiscent of "As the Eternity Opens" on the classic "Pure Holocaust" album. Some of the corpsepaint wearing kiddies might consider the crisp and clear sound to be sacrilegious, but it is infinitely superior to the "recorded in a metal bathtub" sound that many inferior black metal bands tend to mindlessly employ. All those in search of high quality, superior black metal who also try to avoid mindless shit sounding crap must pick up "At the Heart of Winter". -- Morbid Mario