Failures for Gods (Metal Blade)
Enslain Magazine Issue #6
Order Issue #6!  This review included. THE Death Metal album of 1999? If you have been around since the origins of the genre back in the mid 80s and have flavored many a talented and talentless band, then you will agree. It's been a few years but the world's greatest death metal band has finally unleashed a new album onto the masses. And what an album it is!
"Once Ordained" kicks it off in the heaviest and most blistering way possible. Great opener just like "Into Everlasting Fire" was back on the first album. Then comes the track that many people will be screaming for when Immolation play live. "No Jesus, No Beast" is an amazing catchy brutal number that deathheads will die over. I definitely see crowds going apeshit and singing along with Ross on the part where he screams, "Can hear us...death to Jesus". The title track then rolls in and is yet another pulverizing slab of pure death metal. All you newbies, learn from the masters dammit! Song number four, "Unsaved", has an opening riff on it that will make your eyes roll into the back of your skull, and make you bang your head from the waist up for the entire track.
I could go on praising every song on here, but you should have a good idea as to what an absolute masterpiece "Failures for Gods" is. Ross' sickening vocals, amazing double bass from Alex, and rhythms and leads of pure unholiness from 6 string murderers Bob and Tom make this album an immediate must get. If you pass on this one, then every true death metal warrior you ever encounter will scream to you (and I quote "Those Left Behind"), "You are nothing to MEEEE!!!!!!!" -- Morbid Mario