Mass Sociogenic Illness
(Baphomet Records)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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Headmeat play a proficient mix of black, death, and thrash metal, mixed in with a few unique idiosyncrasies. Not only does this record contain keyboards, but a keyboard solo here and there! The production is top notch, with all instruments in balance. The vocals are par for the course, being primarily in the low end "deathy" range. One notable exception is on the track "Boern' WeeLei," where during a bluesy breakdown in mid-song, vocalist Nyut even sounds a bit like Jim Morrison! However, they always fit the music, as often as it changes styles. In the context of one song, you hear the choppy rhythmic touches of death metal, the double-bass grinds of black metal, with keyboards thrown in to just the right degree, and the constricted single note accents of thrash. This record also contains a few "samples," but they are thankfully not overdone.

The diversity of these 6 musicians is not surprising, considering that they had previously played in different types of "metal" bands, and the influence is well displayed on "Mass Sociogenic Illness." The songs all sound different, and are rather unpredictable, but become familiar after a few listens. One interesting turn is in the final track "Unborn & Malformed", where it ends with a section that sounds like Surf Rock mixed with the vibe of the "Munsters" theme song! This CD is a worthy addition to the collection of anyone who enjoys well played metal with a touch of the eclectic. --