Hate Eternal

Conquering the Throne (Wicked World)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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The new millennium has ushered in copious amounts of worthy death metal and black metal. Among these 21st century denizens of destruction and pure unholiness lies Hate Eternal. Any self-respecting metalhead already knows that this band is comprised of Morbid Angel guitarist Eric Rutan and ex-Suffocation guitarist Doug Cerrito, but do those big names deliver the product? Absolutely.
One can expect masterful musicianship and waves of extreme heaviness from this release. In addition to the expertly executed riffage, drummer Tim "The Missile" Yeung delivers a pounding, technical dose of percussive devastation. Eric Rutan has even proven to the Metal world that he can be a decent vocalist as well, as his vocals are deep and deadly enough to mix in perfectly with the heavy Hate Eternal sound. Tracks such as "Praise of the Almighty," "Saturated in Dejection," and many others make this a must have death metal album. This is one not to be passed up for anyone who takes his or her death metal seriously. -- Morbid Mario