Resurrection (Metal-Is) Enslain Magazine Issue #8
“Resurrection” marks the return of one of the most significant voices in metal. Even more impressive (I thought anyway) was the producer, none other than the god himself, Roy Z, who gained a lot of respect for Bruce Dickinson’s last solo album. Bruce himself also appears on the album in "The One You Love to Hate." From track one there is no mistaking who it is. It starts right into trademark squealing Rob Halford material. I am very impressed at the overall "fit and finish" of the album. It really sounds like a band that has been playing together for years and years. They are really tight and much what one would expect from Judas Priest when they were in their prime. Plenty of the trademark British harmony, with Halford’s hi/lo vocal styling. Any fan of Priest would appreciate this album. I find it interesting that Roy Z gets no credit for playing on the album, but he gets writing credit for 7 of the 12 tracks. My favorite tracks would be : The One You Love To Hate (I am a huge Bruce fan), Cyberworld (one of the coolest, most inventive guitar leads I have heard in ages), and Drive (very Roy Z inspired drop tuning.) This definitely marks the return of a metal god, and should not be missed by anyone who can appreciate metal. -- Chris