The Downside

The Downside (Metal Blade) Enslain Magazine Issue #8
Vocally resembling the likes of Death Angel, this album is pretty damn interesting. There is some pretty damn impressive drumming going on. The bass drum sound is kind of odd, but there is tons of it, and he knows how to use it. There's also some nice guitar accent stuff (little screams, and dives), that make the album much more enjoyable. Nothing overpowering, well balanced and fairly unpredictable in that it never really heads where you would expect it to go, which keeps it all interesting. Finding out this was all done in Jersey makes it even a little cooler. Not really a lot of hometown talent out in these parts, so you've gotta support the ones that are worth supporting. -- Chris L.

$avior$elf (Metal Blade)
Enslain Magazine Issue #6
Order Issue #6!  This review included. The album starts off with a pretty cool acoustic intro, then it gets into the meat of it. The music is pretty heavy, with a fairly simplistic type of sound. Tasteful use of double bass and cool riffs are strung through the album. The oddball point is the vocalist. Very clear and distinct, not at all what you would expect from the music. If I were to draw a comparison, I guess it would be Sanctuary, but maybe not as high pitched. It is the weird mix of the music and the vocalist that make this band work in a strange way. This album is very easy to listen to. Give it a chance, it is something a little unusual. Favorite tracks: "Decline and Fall of the American Empire", "Active Contrition", and "SaviorSelf." -- Chris L.