Resurrection (Nuclear Blast)
Enslain Magazine Issue #6
Order Issue #6!  This review included. Before I wear the data off of this CD, I am going to write this review... I simply can't stop listening to this album, in its entirety! Godgory have a sound unlike any I've ever heard, a sound filled with majestic beauty and crunchy rhythms. Matte's vocals are alternated from softly spoken parts to discernable low growls. Each song offers something different to the listener, from your more moshable songs to your more tranquil pieces, and yet each song has a dramatic catch within. The symphonic and pianic interludes tastefully add to the elegance of this release, especially on such incredible songs as "My Dead Dreams," and "Resurrection." "Death in Black", is another amazing song which has a quite mystifying sound that is easily transmitted through the listener. "Resurrection" is definitely among the best releases I've gotten all year, if not longer, and should not be overlooked. -- Lady Enslain