Jezabel's Dream (Bethany Records) Enslain Magazine Issue #8
Whereas film samplings find an appropriate home within gore/grind, spoken movie passages seem less tasteful amidst the blackened schemes found herein. And from a movie as known as "The Craft," it seems even more like an unnecessary filler. This, as well as the overly simplistic keyboard passage that the CD begins with, give "Jezabel's Dream" a weak introduction. Quite the opposite of most releases, this one gets steadily more acceptable. The key instruments and the growled vocals tightly form a death/black sound that's less than original, yet having its own merit, and the only things making it unique are the deep chanted vocals and the high-volumed, high-octaved keyboards, each of which seem to take away from their otherwise more powerful, evil tone. "Atmospheric," in their case, seems a term that cheapens the abrasion they do well in creating. -- Lady Enslain