Midnight Poems
(Poko Records)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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Ah… Finnish songs of heartache. Is this a growing phenomenon or what? While conceptually and lyrically similar to HIM (though not quite as soaked in sappiness), the tunes are more along the lines of Entwine, but much more pop-oriented. Finding their niche somewhere in between melancholic rock and goth-pop, Feiled's songs range in mood and tempo from slow and introspective to upbeat and passionate. The average song consists of less heavy verses that build up to a more dynamic and well-defined chorus that demands the listener to sing along. The structure definitely seems built around the vocal lines in that it's high in the mix, and one of the most memorable characteristics. Vocalist Anton has one of those calming, pure voices, mostly sung softly in mid-range, but reaching a greater intensity at key moments in the songs.

Most of the elements here are very simple, including the guitarwork which contains a lot of muted bar chords and drawn out open chords, with an occasional solo thrown in for good measure. The keyboards have a very traditional pianic keyboard sound, not at all assimilating the usual Finnish-metal sonance. There are definitely some "hit" songs on here that could easily be heard on the radio, including the energetic opener "Dive", and the playfully exciting "The Great Escape." "Midnight Poems" definitely has the formula down for creating catchy yet mildly moody songs that are easily accessible and quite enjoyable. --
Lady Enslain