Remnants of a Cannibalistic Debauchery
(Comatose Music)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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As much as I hate to make the comparison, this is half Cannibal Corpse, half Suffocation. It is a perfect blend of the two sounds. Yes, I know that both of the afformentioned bands have a ton of imitators, but Exulcerate makes this sound work. What the songs may seem to lack in terms of catchiness, they more than compensate for in rythmic precision, tonal mayhem, and pure brutality. They have the eratic and frequently shifting rhythm patterns of Suffocation, which mixes well with the tremelo note over half-time passages, trills, and harmonic squeals of Cannibal Corpse. As one could guess from the extremely gory cover art, the lyrics are equally as gory. There are a small number of lead guitar parts on this CD, which I would have liked to hear more of. I dont know where the stigma associated with lead guitar these days originated from - if it is to "dated", or "flashy", or just not needed - but if used in the right way, it can only enhance the sound, which it does here and there on this disc.

The production value here is very good, which it necessairily needs to be with music having a multitude of riffing changes. Again, while the songs are not entirely memorable, the musical ideas are well presented in this "brutal" idiom of death metal. They have the "street" sound, which is a term I use to denote that only people who are totally into this genre create music that sounds like this. It has nuances that cant be faked. This is their territory, and Exulcerate do as well with it as any "brutal" band I have heard. --