Mesmerized (Solid State)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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After the release of their amazing, mind-blowing, and shockingly strong release "Burial," Extol have given us a 6-song EP to prepare us for their next installment. "Mesmerized" is composed of three original songs and three remixes from "Burial." The opening track "Enthralled" begins with a guitar sound very similar to their last release, and then gets heavier and deathier as it continues. This results in an extreme sound that still retains the catches that grab and hold your attention. The song structure is defined, yet ever-changing. "Storms of Disillusions" is a heartfelt and inspiring song about finding hope... Clean vocalist Ole adds in distorted and powerful vocal lines to this song, and with that added to the double bass and fast riffs at just the right times, makes this song very dynamic and memorable. The remixed songs are done well, bringing out parts of the songs that you may not have remembered hearing, and mixing the heavy sounds with extended effects and keyboard passages. Though the remixed songs are interesting, and help fill up this EP, it's the new songs that really make this worth getting. And if these songs are just a glimpse of what we can expect from Extol's forthcoming release, then you can be assured that it will surpass even our greatest hopes.-- Lady Enslain

Burial (Solid State)
Enslain Magazine Issue #6
Order Issue #6!  This review included. Cheers to Solid State for signing this Norwegian five-piece black metal band. These guys are amazing! They display so much variety on this CD. Once you've pegged them as being a certain type of band, they become something entirely different in their next song. It starts off with a sort of black/classic metal flavor, with screeching and growling vocals, creative riffing, many unexpected guitar fillers, and an occasional slow atmospheric part that quickly changes over to fast grind. It isn't until about the sixth song that you hear another side of this incredibly versatile band when the other vocalist sings a few verses in an unexpected clean power metal voice that complements the music all too well. "Jesus Kom Til Jorden For A Do" is one of my favorites. It starts out like a slow church song with half chanted, half sung vocals, then gets faster as it goes, first with growled vocals and fast drums, then to high-pitched sung vocals and faster riffing and drumming. And incredible song showing off the musical and vocal diversity of Extol. "Burial" transcends labeling and religion, and exceeds expectations. Do not miss this one! -- Lady Enslain