A Night to Remember (DVD)
(Inside Out)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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Would you believe someone released a live DVD and it wasn't filmed in Poland? "A Night to Remember" is a 2-disc set, with the first consisting of 19 songs recorded at the Storan Theater in their hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden. Shots from behind the drums offer a good view of the packed audience at this intimately sized club with a balcony. The stage is not too massive that they look isolated - especially for this band that doesn't move around the stage much.

Naturally, most (7) of the songs on 2004's "The Inner Circle" are included, with the rest of the setlist covering at least one song from every stage of their career. The performances are so good that you almost imagine a CD playing all the songs in the background. Some songs even feature a three-person choir off to the side of the stage, for added effect. The sound quality is decent and clean, and the picture quality is usually very good, but there are moments when there is too much fog or lighting, and the contrast of the picture is just washed out.

The second disc is said to have an impressive 6.5 hours of extras, including six videos (most of which I was unfamiliar with), interviews, and behind-the-scenes. Although the live footage was "narrated" in English, be prepared to read a lot of subtitles on the backstage section. Still, this is the best part of disc 2, with hours of amateur drunken tourbus footage with amusing captions. Overall, this DVD set is a good effort, and a must have for fans of Evergrey. --
Lady Enslain