(Sonic Age Records)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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Don't let the abrupt intro to this record distract you. Although it will anyway. Euroforce's self-titled record begins with a disturbingly loud Arabic chant, which is then incorporated into the music until the vocals kick in. Other middle-eastern themes round out the song, particularly in the percussion. Following "Spirit Raven," the sound turns to more traditional power/progressive, in the neoclassical vein.

It seems that Greece churns out some of the more impressive guitarists, and Theodore Ziras is no exception. Although this is the debut for Euroforce, Ziras has been involved in previous projects, has recorded two solo albums, and bides his time as a guitar instructor. His skill is immediately evident in songs like "The European Lie" where his leads are as precise and fast as they can get, and the instrumental "Ubiquitous" which is over three minutes of scaling notes and lightning fast fretwork.

Although sometimes giving the impression of a guitar-rock album with the predominance of solos and instrumentals, Jioti Parcharidis's uniquely powerful singing takes attention away from the blazing guitarwork, giving the album a more song-like feel. The vocals are almost anthemic, the kind that make you feel allegiant to whatever they sing of without even knowing why. His voice is mid-ranged and coarse, except when reaching for the power metal screams, which are cleaner and higher, yet never over-the-top. The rhythm section also helps distract from the guitarwork by forming a solid, heavy foundation. Guitar fans and power/prog devotees alike will enjoy this well-written and memorably energetic record. --
Lady Enslain