Eternal Flight

Positive Rage
(Cruz Del Sur Music)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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Eternal Flight are a relatively new addition to the power/prog scene, though some may recognize Gérard Fois's voice as the old vocalist for Dream Child (and, coincidentally, the band is named after a song on one of their albums.) This French act covers all the typical elements of the power metal genre, from the harmonized gallopping riffs, to the high-ranged vocal screams; and from the cryptozoological eagle-man mascot on the cover, to the fantasy-laden lyrics. Add some progressive elements into the formula, including spacey keyboards and a few proggy riffs, and you have Eternal Flight.

The vocals have clear influences ranging from Halford to Tate to Dickinson, singing with a slightly raspy yell, and holding the notes out into clean, powerful resonating cries. His range is somewhat limited, but capable enough for the material. The guitarwork is decent, with a few impressive solos which I would normally consider overdone, but in these songs they add much needed character. There's not a lot of variety from one song to the next, but the songs are tightly arranged and easy to listen to. There are some cheesy moments on here, mostly in the spoken vocals and the lyrical translations, but overall "Positive Rage" is pretty well done, though not in any way groundbreaking. --
Lady Enslain