Epoch of Unlight

The Continuum Hypothesis
(The End Records)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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Eight years ago I was profoundly impressed with this Tennessee band's label debut, "What Will Be Has Been", also released by The End. Two full lengths and a split CD later, Epoch is left with only one original member - drummer and main song/lyric writer Tino LoSicco. The biggest impact this has is the loss of a second guitarist, and the change from their original vocalist, whose ridiculously shrill and evil shreaks were one of the coolest elements on their releases. Where does that leave this band whose name I've stumbled on more than once? "The Continuum Hypothesis" is surprisingly not far off from their older works, but with a couple important differences. On earlier material, the grinding was so impossibly fast that the guitarwork had to be impeccably timed to keep up with it. Here they've found a more reasonable speed that they'll be able to keep up with live having only one axeman. It's still impressively fast and technical, but they've allowed more melody to sneak in and soften their razor sharp edges. The result is a product which is a little less extreme and considerably more mature. And there's more creativity in the guitarwork, including the song "Argentum Era Secui Duos", which translates from Latin to "Silver Mistress Part 2" and reworks one of the best riffs from the original song. The production is cleaner and more full of darkness (or unlight, if you will). Over the years, Epoch of Unlight has remained true to their black/death sound and continues to be a prominent example of the American underground's potential. These guys shred! -- Lady Enslain