Dancing Under Glass (Earache)
Enslain Magazine Issue #5
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This release is not quite what I am used to, especially not from Earache Records. Entwined come from the UK, and after hearing the vocals, this becomes quite obvious. Stephen John Tovey's accent is an obvious giveaway to this. The music gives a hauntingly medieval feel. The keyboards have an incredibly beautiful sound. The guitars have an excellent habit of harmonizing with each other as well as with the keyboards. The drums seem to be pushed to the back a little, though they add the necessary heavy edge to the music. Back to the vocals, they are clear though a little raspy, and occasionally on a high note they seem to lose key a little. At first I didn't like the vocals much, though I was quite impressed by the music. After another listen or two, I realized that the vocals were quite fitting. His words, also, matched the music too well, majestic words of love and fears; something not heard very often in newer metal. It's hard to pick favorite songs on this album, they are all so different and each offer a different mood to the listener. I'd recommend Entwined to fans of synths and atmosphere as well as fans of melodies and harmonies. After a few spins, you'll love this album! -- Lady Enslain