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Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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How unfair that Entwine is lumped into the category of goth, with all the sappy crybaby bands. Except perhaps lyrically, this is anything but sappy. This is actually a really fun CD to listen to - it's upbeat and inviting, the lively kind of "goth" that holds your interest and involves you. It's almost too darn catchy to call it metal, but it's backed by solid riffs and simple harmonies, and there's even a couple guitar solos on here. There are also times where the guitars and keyboards combine to create an electronic techno-metal sound almost similar to Pain.

For the most part, the music is melodic and rock-oriented, with a very full and atmospheric sound, aided by a dark keyboard playing style. They have a clean and full production quality from the mastering at Finnvox Studios, without assimilating the typical Finnish keyboard sound.

Vocalist Mika Tauriainen adds a great deal of the appeal to this release. He has a lot of different vocal styles, including a fastly annunciated and nasally style, and a dual-layered electronically altered voice, but his normal singing is just so good. His voice sounds younger, and higher-ranged than you would expect from typical goth. He has such a passionate voice, and it's is so clean and pure, without a trace of a Finnish accent.

My biggest complaint is that the songs are far too short, with the first few songs averaging a radio-length 3 minutes. They really don't waste any time getting to the core of it, but after each song is over you almost want to rewind and listen again. And again. They could have developed all of the songs out a bit more like they did with "Everything For You", a soft and gentle love song.

These songs would be well-received by a pop audience because they have a talent for creating immediately catchy melodies, but there is a darkness, emotion, and purity that appeals to my deeper musical sensibilities. Still, I can't imagine this not catching on. "Bitter Sweet" "single"-handedly sold me on this album. It's got the most memorable and addictive chorus, and the most gentle and emotional surrounding sections. It's just such a pleasure listening to this well-written and passionate release. --
Lady Enslain