Death Metal Attack 2 (Razorback)
Enslain Magazine Issue #6
Order Issue #6!  This review included. This is easily one of the most moshable CDs of the decade. This is both brutal and hilarious!! First off, the band uses "Cobra" (GI Joe) names, like Cobra Commander and Major Bludd on guitars, and Destro on drums. How fuckin' cool is that?! The cover looks like a horror movie poster, and this is well reflective of the lyrical content for the most part. The album contains movie samples between and through the songs. The vocals are low growls mixed with hollering, often at a fast pace. Musically, we have all out avalanche grind beats, and primal mosh sections that incite manic thrashing about. Again, the lyrics are demented and comical accounts of violence and sexual assaults. Engorged is like a death metal version of S.O.D. You can't take this stuff too seriously, it's just all out mayhem and brutal fun! -- Richard