Beauty, Tears and the Setting Sun (Pavement)
Enslain Magazine Issue #6
Order Issue #6!  This review included. Endless? It would appear that way from first listen. The songs have a way of drawing themselves out a lot, with continuous, slowly played death metal. However, their sound is really heavy and bass-driven, and if you listen to this long enough, you may find these songs catching on you. Their guitar sound is toned-down and dreary, and the bass is quite high in the mix. The vocal duties are split between the bassist and the guitarist, but they don't stand much apart from each other. Melodic and dramatic elements blend their way into this mix to keep interest. Endless are a rather unique mixture of slow, doomy, and melodic death metal from Canada, and if you make it through the entire album, you should find some enjoyment from it. -- Lady Enslain