(Northern Silence Productions)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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This black metal debut comes from Norwegian band Eljudner. It's a 6-song MCD which adequately showcases the talent of this young band. In fact, this is some of the best black metal I've heard all year!

The lyrics are written in Norwegian, but there is a noticeable Viking influence in the song themes. The vocals are a painfully throaty screech. Musically it's more folk-influenced and subtly majestic without overshadowing the grim/darkness of the album. The production is perfect for their music, not overproduced at all, but you can hear every exhilarating riff distinctly. And the riffs are darkly melodic, sometimes cutting to cleaner passages, still containing the sharp black metal guitar tone. The opening track "Liivet Af Mig Render" immediately hooked me with it's icy guitars and the intriguingly melodic riff change at the chorus. Vanir and Rhafnhugr's differring guitar tones complement each other well when layered together and when harmonizing, and the guitarwork is just brilliant.

I hear a little bit of a classic black metal influence in some of the songs, but mostly their sound is unique to them. There's something more than the usual underground black metal appeal to this release, something very creative, striking, and unrepressed. This wouldn't be the same with the usual commercial black-metal additions of keyboards and gimmicks… this is exactly what it needs to be. And I can't wait to hear a full-length. --
Lady Enslain