Norwegian Native Art (Native North Records)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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"Norwegian Native Art" is an absolutely essential album. Period. Never has a release caught and held my full attention so quickly, without disappointing at any point in the duration of the blissful listening experience. Viking black metal, yet so much more, with the most inspired, dynamic song structures, unexpected horn sections, and such precision in the playing and recording. The vocals are a high point as well, able to cleanly convey the ancient subject matter in a powerful and pleasing way. The mood is lively and involving, and full of rich instrumentation that will drive your senses wild! Representing sounds that one could associate with Renaissance times, and of course the Viking era, the music sounds premeditated instead of aimlessly conceived. Einherjer create art, and it's amazing what one can come up with then the energy is focused towards the creation of such art. Absolute brilliance!! -- Lady Enslain