Eclipse Eternal

Reign of the Unholy Blackened Empire
(Galy Records)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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Black metal from our neighbors to the north! Eclipse Eternal bring forth uncompromising darkness into sound. "Reign of the Unholy Blackened Empire" is very well thought out and produced. It sounds very polished with a crisp edge. The guitars have a smooth, mid-range buzz to them, the drums are always audible in the mix, and there are also keyboards to round out the sound, with occasional touches of acoustic/clean tone guitar. The vocals range from low to high, and mid-range growl-shouting.

It is evident from this disc that Eclipse Eternal take their craft seriously, and have honed their skills to create a very dark and highly listenable record. It could be said that they sound a small bit like Dimmu Borgir at times, but I would perfer to state instead that they have a similar record sound, with a high level production.

The songwriting here is top notch. They manage to throw in a good deal of riffs and motifs in the frame of a song, but it always sounds connected and flowing. This record is a solid effort with an emotive, majestic sound that never gets out control. It is paced, focused, and hits the mark. This is a recommended addition to one's library, and is sure to remain in one's play list for quite some time. --