Off Kilter Enhancement (Copro Records)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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Due to a great deal of repetition within the songs, and your "verse, chorus, verse, chorus" formula, Earthtone9 find themselves pegged as a hardcore band. If you are not fond of labeling, as I am not, you will be able to look past this generalization and see a much deeper and heavier sound, owed greatly to the production quality. The vocals are a generic but decent hardcore growl. The music is simple and generally slower, but with a somewhat Crowbar-ish depressive quality at times. A few songs lose the heavier edge and become happier and almost trippy. Though they do offer more than just your average hardcore, I think it would be received the best by hardcore fans as opposed to metal enthusiasts, and offer something more than they are used to: variety. -- Lady Enslain