Earth Crisis

Slither (Victory) Enslain Magazine Issue #8
Earth Crisis' latest release "Slither" has them back with Victory Records and with a sound different from any of their other releases. Lead singer Karl Buechner shows that he has more than just a vicious scream, but a great singing voice too. The mix of those two vocal styles and the all to common rap-type vocals adds to Earth Crisis' sound that will take some time to grow on old school Earth Crisis fans, but with time this album should become a favorite to both old and new fans. The highlights to this album are the heavier sounds of "Killing Brain Cells," "Behind The Wire," "Hairtrigger," and the title track, "Slither." Some of the songs lack the power that Earth Crisis had with prior releases like "Breed The Killers" & "Gomorrah's Season Ends," but I recommend old Earth Crisis fans to give it a chance to grow on you before judging it. -- Bill Schneider