(Ledo Takas)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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Here Lithuania offers us a nice piece of black metal translated in English as "Damnation". The introduction is a real attention-grabber, a very John Williams-esque piece, composed by William T. Stromberg and taken from a documentary. It's very epic, like going into battle in the most exalted fashion. This intro is then translated into black metal harmonized riffing as the band copies the tune into their own unique style. This music is an excellent blend of death/thrash with a blackened ambience. The overall quality is very sharp and evil, with a well-produced darkness. The raspy black metal vocals fit the music well.

There are several really cool and memorable riffs on here, some really dark with a unique crushing tone, and some just totally thrash-you-to-pieces. It's like getting the benefit of classic thrash metal riffings, with a full, dark production, growling vocals and the apocalyptic feeling of a black metal release. You can hear some of your classic black metal influences in here, and perhaps even some Satyricon, but they do well at creating a sound of their own. This won't catch on with everyone though; despite the good ambience and creative riffs, there's no gimmicks and the song structures are more complex than most can handle. Also, with the length of some of the songs, so many riff changes occur that you could lose track of the concept of the song. I think they could benefit from defining each song a bit better. But "Prakeikimas" does stand out as a quality underground release that black metal fans will appreciate. --
Lady Enslain