Face the Wall
(Copro Records)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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"Face the Wall" is about the most American sounding thing I've ever heard come from Sweden. Disruption's debut has a bit of the old metalcore sound, like a heavier Machine Head meets newer Swedish death metal. If you're looking to this album for another At the Gates clone, you'll be disappointed. The guitar tone is blue and yellow, but the chord progressions are much more typical of American "metal". Vocally you can hear a mix between Phil Anselmo's style and Speed Strid's (Soilwork) rough growl.

Although there's nothing very technical or ridiculously heavy on here, I can't really say that this release is that commercial either. These 14 quick songs fail to contain much originality, or many catchy hooks. All I hear are riffs that remind me of Soulfly, Machine Head, even some Soilwork, but this heavy aggressive music reminds me more of a talented garage band that hasn't found their sound yet. There are some very cool riffs here and there, with sweet harmonies and a couple of solos, but they are scattered amongst very ordinary and uninteresting riffs. The production is clean, and the musicians sound capable. I'm just not so impressed by the song-writing.

"Into the Raging Stream" is one of the best-written songs on here - the riffs are old-school Swedish but unique, and you can hear some real death metal. But the record as a whole sounds like the band is unsure what sound they want to have. Disruption was started over five years ago with the intention of following in the steps of At the Gates and Dismember, but in each song there is a sort of conflict between these old-school influences and modern-day commonality. The songs grow on you after a while, and fans of today's sounds may appreciate this, but if these guys can find a way to refine their swedecore into something more technical, more brutal, darker, or just less American, they could appeal to a much wider audience. --
Lady Enslain